Special Crush Products in India

All of us want to live healthy life but we tend to ignore most of the things in our day to day routine. Thanks to the hectic lifestyle, we tend to deviate to the products that are easy to fetch and thus, we ignore our health completely. In the recent survey, it was found that more than 65% of the people are not aware of the quality of the food and products they are consuming on daily basis and this might be bad in the longer run.
We at Guruji Thandai understand the benefits of healthier lifestyle and have added more products in our line up that are not only refreshing, but they are also lot healthier than the products you consume on daily basis. Our range of Mango Crush, Orange Crush, Crush, Kesar Pista Thandai is much better than the cold drinks that are available in the market. We use 100% natural pulp in our products and that makes them very tasty and healthy. If you are going to compare this with the cold drinks, then they have only water and sugar in their content and all they offer you is calories, nothing else.
  • Tastier and Healthier
Our range of Orange Crush, Crush, and Kesar Pista Thandai are prepared with one of the best ingredients and this makes them stand out. We have carefully selected the preparation process and we follow strict guidelines and this makes our products world class. Our range of thandais are already very famous in the market and to give more range to the people who love out products, we have added fruit crushes that can be used to make regular drinks and mock tails as well. They are very tasty and come in many flavours to suit your mood and taste.
  • Wide Range
When it comes to cold drinks, people always have complains that they don’t have much of an option when t comes to natural drinks. We took the reviews from people and have refurbished our range and now you have an option to get fruit crushes in the choice of flavours you want. As there is 100% natural content in the crush, they are also very safe for consumption, health wise for children and adult alike. Wide range of products ensures that you always have a flavour for people that they like.
  • Refreshing
Our range of crushes and drinks are made with pure contents and that makes them really refreshing. People have a misconception that they can only have crushes in summer time but our range of products can be had throughout the year. The best part being they are available in so many flavours and choices, that you will be having plenty of options to choose from and pick the one, that soothes your taste bud the best.
  • Quality At Its Best
Guruji name is synonyms with quality and we have maintained it for many years. When you buy our products, it comes with a promise that you get the best in the market and something that you can trust. We ensure the best standards in the industry and keep on adding new innovations in our working that makes our products the best.
If you haven’t tried our range of new Orange Crush and Kesar Pista Thandai, then do get one for yourself and taste the most healthy drink option that is available in the market right now. Choose from many flavours that we have in the range and as they are available in all the leading and small outlets across the city, you won’t be having any difficulty to find them.

Best Squash Products in Indore

If you are looking to get the best squash products in Indore, then look no further than Guruji. We are into manufacturing some of the best line of squash products from years and have provided the best range and quality for the price. Though, you might come across many other options in the market that promise you better price, but they might not be that of good quality. So what makes squash worth sipping? What are the main ingredients? What are the things that you need to look out for before getting SharbatSquash, Kesar, or Orange crush? Well, read on.


  • Taste Matters, But Not Always

If you buy the squash products based only on the fact that they taste good, then you have to rethink. There are many other products available in the market that might give you good taste but they are full of artificial flavours. If you are going to consume drinks that have artificial content to it for a longer duration of time, then it might not have adverse effect on your digestive system. Parents do buy the drinks that have artificial content to lure the children as they have more flavour options. You need to take a real good look at the ingredients that are used to make Sharbat, Squash, Kesar, or Orange crush that you are getting for yourself. It is always a god idea to get a product that has natural pulp content in the ingredients as it makes sure that whatever you are buying is going to taste much better. Thanks to Guruji, you can now have all the flavour options of synthetic drinks in natural contents.


  • Name That You Could Trust

You might come across brands at the shops that you have never heard of and you will see many ranges from them. Before you proceed and buy them for yourself, ask the dealer that how much old those products are and where they are based at. Guruji is around in the market for decades and we have always ensured that we give the best to our customers. Our products are also exported to several other countries across globe and whatever product that you buy from us, gives you the best quality.



  • When Variety Matters The Most

There is no other brand in Indore that gives you more range than what we have on offer, if you are going to look at our product range, you will find that we have everything for everyone. Be it fruit crush, thandai and Kesar Pistadrinks, we have carefully selected our range that gives you the best taste. We also keep on upgrading the range and constantly come up with products that are best suited for the season and thus you get amazing options to choose from, that are specially formulated, keeping the demand in mind.

If you are looking for best Squash Products in Indore, then look no further than Guruji products. We have a reputation that we aspire to maintain and this gives you the best quality in the market. If you haven’t tried any one of our products, then we urge you to visit our website and go through the range of products that we have on offer. The website is completely redesigned now and gives you much easier options to navigate and have a look at all the range we have on offer. This will give you information of all the line-up and then later you can visit any of the nearest shop and ask for the products that you saw at the website. Taste Guruji. Taste Quality.

Kesaria Thandai Product in India

Thandai is a special dry fruit drink that is prepared on special occasions or during the summer time. Thandai has its own line of benefits and it not only tastes good, but it also keeps your body cool and healthy. The species used in thandai are quite different from the normal drinks that you come across in the market and this is where Guruji thandai scores a lot different from the rest. Our Kesaria Thandai and badam kesar has Kesar, Saffron, and lemon as ingredients that are known to keep body healthy and cool during summer time. Some of our thandai recipes also have rose petals that are also known to keep you fresh for the day.
Thandai is quite popular drink in the northern parts of India and people prepare it a lot on the occasion of Holi. It is a great body cooler and people also offer it to Lord Shiva during Shivarathri and in the festival of holi, people serve this drink to visitors. If you are going to prepare thandai at your home, then you might have to go through a long process of selecting the right spices and ingredients and then mixing the min right proportions to get the right taste. We at Guruji thandai have line up of drinks that you can choose from and all you need to do is to add milk and water as per your requirement and the thandai will be ready in no time. This not only saves you a lot of time and effort from preparing a thandai, but it also gives you the best thandai taste.


So, what is the best way to enjoy thandai to the fullest? You can have Guruji thandai any time of the day as it is totally healthy and has natural ingredients. Our Kesaria thandai is the most famous product in the line up because of its taste and the natural content like kesar, saffron, and lemon. This makes the drink very refreshing to have while tasting amazing at the same time. Our thandai range is available in small, medium, and large packaging and you can buy the packs as per your need. Here are some of the benefits of Guruji thandai:
  • Unique delicious refreshing drink
  • Gives tremendous relief to tired body & mind
  • Good Sources of Natural Vitamins & Minerals
  • Shields a protection from heat stroke
  • Rich with many qualitative dry fruits
  • Acts as an antioxidant
  • Relieves from acidity and constipation & increases appetite
Guruji thandai is very simple to prepare and it can be made in a very short time. All you need to do is to take 20% of the thandai and mix it with 60% of milk. Add the remaining 20% ice to the preparation and you will have your thandai ready. As Guruji thandai comes with added sugar, you don’t need to add it and you can be sure that the concoction is the way you like it. You also have a choice to prepare the whole contents of the bottle at one go and each bottle has instructions how to prepare the content in the right manner. After preparing the thandai, keep it refrigerated for a while so that it mixes in a right way. This allows the flavours and ingredients of thandai to infuse into the milk. After taking the thandai out, stir it completely and serve it chilled. You can also add some of the dry fruits from top, like pistachios, almonds, and cashew to make it look richer.



Best Thandai Product In India

At Guruji thandai, we offer the best mix of thandai concentrates and Ethnic range of products to Indian as well as overseas markets. Our products like Badam kesar, mango crush, litchi crushand kesaria thandai offer best taste and quality to consumers. We work on the philosophy of developing long term relations in the market and we strive to become one of the leading brands of thandai in the market. As we procure our raw materials from the best and finest of resources, we offer you the best taste with superior marketing, pricing, and Quality. All of our ranges of thandai and crush have natural ingredients like Almond, Saffron and Cashew nuts that give you excellent taste and quality. We always make sure that we are making our products better day by day to meet the never ending demand from customers. As we follow the industry’s strictest of standards of quality and control, you can be sure that the products you are getting from us are healthy.
Guruji Thandai is always been a name that is associated with range of thandai like Kesaria Badam,Kesaria Pista Badam and plain Kesaria thandai. Our thandai has a blend of natur’s finest and it not only helps you to soothe and relax, but it also gives you a sense of freshness every time you sip it. Our products give you rejuvenating feel and when you drink our thandai, it feels like you are drinking something that has been prepared in your own home. Our Badam kesar, mango crush, and litchi crush give you natural taste, more nutritional value and they are very competitively priced. As our products come packed in an attractive packaging, you can also gift them to your near and dear ones. Here are some of the important points of the range of products we have on offer.
Each of the products is prepared with accuracy of ingredients and no matter how many products you are going to buy from different batch and lots, you will always find the same taste every time. We give lot of precision and details to our work and our products maintain standards.
All the products are manufactured in state of the art facility which meets strict cleanliness standards. Right from the equipment’s, to service areas and our workers follow the set rules and you get a healthy product.
We improve on our performance by utilising the resources to their fullest and we make the best use of the time, materials and equipment’s to ensure that we not only improve, but we make our products better as well.
All the range of our products that are on offer follow a specific order that lets us retain the freshness and the taste our brand id known for.
All of the consumer complaints and queries are addressed on time and you can be sure that you mails and phones will be answered by or executives.
We strive to improve each coming day and we don’t shy away from continually improve our products and add new range to the line-up. Our products keep the freshness and quality intact for longer periods and they always exceed the expectation of people.
Guruji’s products are known for their taste over the past decades and we ensure that we maintain it.
For best thandai line-up and products to keep you cool and refreshed this summer season, buy our drinks from the nearest shop or market. Out products are freely available everywhere.